Your home appliances need to have regular maintenance done every now and then. Having maintenance done will help prolong the life of your appliance and keep it running efficiently. Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ice machines, washers and dryers are the most commonly used appliances in your home. We will come out and inspect these units inside and out to make sure they are running properly and efficiently. Call to schedule your routine maintenance and ask about our maintenance package!


  • Check and clean dryer vent/duct

  • Clear the interior of lint and debris 

  • Clean lint screen

  • Make sure the unit is drying properly


  • Clean drain pump

  • Clean soap dispenser 

  • Clean/replace old door gasket 

  • Check for leaks

  • Check for unbalanced drum


  • Check and clean condenser

  • Check to see if the unit is cooling properly

  • Check and replace water filter

  •  Check door gasket/Seal


  • Clean soap dispenser

  • Check the sump/filter area for blockages and debris

  • Clean/replace old door gasket 

  • Check spray arms for blockages and debris

  • Check for leaks

Ice Machine 

  • Check and clean condenser 

  • Run cleaning solution threw the unit 

  • Check and replace filter

  • Check and clear drain

  • Check for leaks 

And More....